What Does Organic Gardening Mean?

Broadly speaking organic gardening is a holistic approach to growing plants that focuses on the health of the whole ecosystem. Posted 208 pm by Chris filed under Organic Gardening.

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What is organic gardening.

What Does Organic Gardening Mean?. Its a terms thats thrown around like crazy but what the hell does it mean. This can be like feeding depleted soil with composted plants or planting legumes to add nitrogen to an area that had been planted with a heavy feeder. Organic Gardening literally means not using synthetically produced items in the garden.

Ask a handful of people what organic means and you will receive an array of answers. This entails committing to four priorities starting with nutrient-rich soil. It is no surprise that gardeners are often confused by this very useful piece of horticultural shorthand.

It is using natural ways to promote a healthy productive and sustainable growing environment. Organic Materials Review Institute OMRI The Organic Materials Review Institute is an independent national nonprofit organization that determines which products are allowed for use in organic production. Organic gardening refers to gardening techniques that do not use chemical pesticides fertilizers or other additives.

Ideally organic gardening replenishes the resources as it makes use of them. Organic growing doesnt just mean throwing away the chemical weed killers and pesticide sprays. Instead organic gardening relies on plant-derived means to control pests and amend the soil for optimum production.

Organic matter is a much used term that can refer to several things and is easily confused with similarly named activities such as organic gardening. I do know what organic living organically and gardening organically mean to me. The short answer is that organic gardening means not using synthetic products including pesticides and fertilizers.

There is the USDA definition of organic which you can try to decipher and understand because its as useful as the last Juvenile album. Whats Organic Gardening. Natures Garden and Growing Your Own Food Natural and organic gardening uses all the waste created in your garden for instance leaves and grass clippings besides scraps from your kitchen.

What does Organic Gardening and Farming Mean. Organic Agriculture Organic agriculture originated as a response to a growing awareness that the health of the land is linked to the health and future of the people. The basis of organic agriculture is to farmgarden in rhythm with natures laws in a sustainable manner that provides a healthy eco system for all beings involved.

It is more exciting challenging and satisfying. Understanding labeling of gardening products can help you make the right selections to keep your garden organic. What is organic food.

Producing compost that nourishes the soil and also keeps it rich in the nutritional value crucial to grow your crops. Organic Growing What does it mean. For farmers or commercial growers however it can be quite complex.

In simple terms organic gardening could be described as growing in harmony with nature without using synthetic fertilizers pesticides herbicides or other such products that upset the balance of the ecosystem. Organic farming agricultural system that uses ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilizers derived largely from animal and plant wastes and nitrogen-fixing cover crops. Definitions and practices of organic agriculture will differ depending upon whether you are talking to a farmer gardener or organic certifier.

The USDA has specific definitions for organic products commercially grown but there is no definition of organic for home gardeners.

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