How To Lay Permeable Block Paving

If you hire the wrong person or try to do it on your own you could end up laying permeable pavers in the same way you would do traditional pavers. This is laid on top of a sub base which allows water to be stored and pass through while still allowing driving and parking.

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This will not work for a couple of reasons.

How to lay permeable block paving. In free draining applications a suitable geotextile should be placed at formation level overlapping joints by 300mm below the drainage aggregate sub base. Concrete block permeable paving cbpp relies on the use of modified blocks and selected free draining aggregates to deal with surface water at source rather than send it into the already overworked sewer systems of our towns and cities. Always begin laying block paving from the bottom of a slope preferably starting from a right angle or a straight edge.

Concrete block permeable paving cbpp differs from conventional block paving because it allows water to soak through the driveway preventing water from amassing and flooding. The following diagrammatic instruction for laying block paving is intended to be used in conjunction with the detailed methodology given on the flexible construction page. Place the blocks on top of the laying course ensuring blocks are around 10 15mm above the desired finished level.

Permeable pavers are used to allow rainwater to be absorbed into the ground rather than run off into the storm drain system where it can contaminate local water supplies and interrupt the natural water cycle. This page details the construction methods and materials for a typical cbpp project using forterra formpave. Using a permeable or porous paving system has many advantages over and above being environmentally conscious including durability stability and ease of maintenance repair.

This case study follows the construction of a private driveway using clay pavers which follows exactly the same procedure as construction using concrete block pavers although clays can be a little more. Uk s civic and town planning laws clearly state that you do not require planning permission if you are laying permeable block paving in your driveway or garden. It s important when permeable pavers are being installed that you work with a company that has experience in the construction of a permeable paving system.

However if you are using impermeable paver blocks for the purpose there must be an area for the water to drain off into like a border or lawn for instance. When assessing the design of a permeable paved driveway considerations should be given to levels soil permeability and soil strength. Infilta block paving is laid in a similar way to normal block paving.

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