Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau And Art Deco: Which Is Which?

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Elements of art nouveau.

Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco: Which Is Which?. Arts crafts art nouveau and art deco. The arts and crafts movement a precursor to art nouveau focused on hand craftsmanship in the decorative arts and was personified by influential textile designer william morris. The second part of a narticle on history and defining characteristics of the arts and crafts of john ruskin and william morris with a look at its successors.

Arts and crafts and art nouveau are two intertwined design movements from the turn of the 20th century. This style grew from the arts crafts and aesthetic movements and looked to nature for much of its inspiration. Morris commitment to handmade objects was a reaction against shoddy machine made products that were flooding post industrial.

While both were a reaction to the industrial revolution that focused on the notion of artisanal craftsmanship and drew inspiration in nature they differed greatly in their execution. As mentioned above art nouveau pieces made during the late victorian era are all about the curves whether as a part of art design or architecture. Wood was used heavily and almost always left with a natural finish.

Art nouveau is immediately distinguishable from art deco thanks to the whiplash curves and ornate nature inspired designs featuring insect wings flowers feathers and vines. Like art nouveau the arts and crafts style was heavily influenced by nature but the motifs were more rectilinear not at all the extreme curves of art nouveau. Working our way backward in time to the late 19th century art nouveau was the style of the day although it wasn t called that at the time.

Decorative details were handmade from tile and vases to stained glass. Cubism the fractured abstracted avant garde movement that began with pablo picasso. Art deco succeeded art nouveau when it became clear that industrialization and modernism despite the lovely traditional silhouettes and emphasis on craftsmanship weren t going away any time soon.

Founded in 1861 by english designer william morris the arts and crafts movement emphasised the importance of handcrafted work. Arts crafts is more a philosophy of design less a set of characteristics. Art nouveau in britain evolved out of the already established arts and crafts movement.

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